Friday, October 05, 2007


"Believe Me"
by Patricia Kennelly

peaches taste better
if they're stolen
from your neighbor's tree
back towards the alley
where the chain-link fence
is broken

on a new moon night
find where black squirrels
have left half-gnawed,
half-ripe ones like
hansel-gretel crumbs

the limb hangs heavy
with the fuzzy globes
you push aside
the glossy leaves
to find one

my advice
eat it
in your garden

Patricia Kennelly is a freelance writer/editor and poet who currently lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Her work has appeared most recently in Artella, The Pointed Circle, Alembic and the Irish American Post. When she's not writing, editing or stealing peaches, she's nagging people about "writing daily" at her blog


Blogger David LaBounty said...

nice piece of work. thanks for sharing it.

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