Sunday, July 08, 2007


"Duane Hanson Remnant"
by Jeff Crouch

daddy left to mow the lawn
in shorts
dress shoes and socks
and the lawnmower chirps

Hawaiian shirt

the shopping cart contains
beer can after beer can
and you remain concerned
about my driving

polyester splotched resin flesh

and today the sky is bright,
more metal than sponge--
did you get a wig
with a bald spot--

flabby butt

we put out the lawn chairs
and spray on bug repellent
we glue down the astroturf
and sweep the sidewalk

aluminum tastes like--

the radio doesn't do
we have supplied fresh batteries
not the ancient tunes
--bug repellent

I think fiberglass

you say, "Rub on more lotion."
yet your cellulite disturbs you
meanwhile, the water hose is
filling the baby pool

reflector oven

Jeff Crouch is a writer in Grand Prairie, Texas. His writing has appeared in dozens of online magazines. Google "Jeff Crouch" to find out more.


Blogger David LaBounty said...

Good poem Jeff. You're a hard working
writer, I see your stuff around quite
a bit.

6:17 PM  

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