Sunday, April 29, 2007


"Keeping Still"
by Jill Chan

It's raining again.
How many storms have crossed here.
The last destroying your house.
It's hard to imagine
living in another.
It was the first house
you were ever really in.
You woke with it,
spoke of it like a secret,
keeping still,
with the wind in the skies
lifting roofs
and the parts of you
that held on to the ground.

Jill Chan was born in Manila, Philippines. She migrated to New Zealand in 1994. Her first book of poetry, The Smell of Oranges ( ), was published by Earl of Seacliff Art Workshop in 2003. Her work has been published in MiPOesias, foam:e, Eclectica, Poetry New Zealand, Takahe, Brief, Trout, Deep South, JAAM and some other zines.


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