Tuesday, July 03, 2007


"E-Mail to Damniso Lopez 159"
by Duane Locke

After aperitif an agreement accorded,
Whatever it was, something to do
With the color of rain water, or
Was it some to do with a Machiavellian
Misdemeanor. There might have been
References to mysticism or the Magi.
It would have been warfare if I confessed
That it was Enlil who made plans
For the organization of the earth.
I quickly changed the topic to a
Discussion of the Golden Silk Spider
That made a web on the clothes line
In the backyard of my house on
North Jefferson in the Tampa slums.
Hearing my story, she became very sad.
It was when I had a dog, and he parked
The car. But I did not want to continue
This conversation. I needed a quiet
Place where I could meditate, and try to recall
What we, her and I, had agreed on.

Living in rural Lakeland, Florida, Duane Locke, Ph. D. (Metaphysical Poetry) has had (as of May 2007) 5,877 poems published in print and e-zines. 17 print and e-books published. Also a painter exhibited widely--a discussion of his work appears in Gary Monroe's Extraordinary Interpretations (U. of Florida Press). Recent exhibition, "Outsider Art," at Polk Museum. A photographer, 289 photos published on the Internet. Does close-ups of tossed away trash, Mystic vegetation, visual music and nature (primarily small insects). For more information, interviews, awards, etc., click on Google, has quasi half-million entries. Is listed in Who's Who in America (Marquis).


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