Saturday, January 13, 2007


"You need to turn your radio down"
by Lisa Gordon

Standard dream,
but what about that backbeat
wholly irreverent.

Mess of song - singing, sung.
Next notes a folly
of telling it straight.

We like our tunes
open like open windows
capable of closing down.

Me, you, me. Me. Me. You.
This is the way the song does
its crossword, ready for everything.

Limbs in the woods, last marches.
I don't need to be tired
to curl up under a musical willow.

When I sing off key
does it make you sad or merely

I'm again & again
& still the chorus gets away from me
spelling my ignorance gloriously.

Lisa Gordon has had work appear in various online zines as well as print journals, including Mipo, Winter's Hood, Junket, Syntax, Vallum and The Antigonish Review. She resides in Montreal with her husband, writes most days, reads voraciously.


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