Saturday, December 23, 2006

Resurrect Faulty Mindbomb?

Hmm... Faulty Mindbomb was this horrible print fan/lit zine I did back in high school, but maybe there is a place for a faulty mindbomb online. Might as well try it out and see where it goes.

So, I guess I'll try "publishing" some poems and see if this site catches on or not. I'm sure it will, and that I will be one peg closer to world domination by the end of 2007.

If you wish to submit any material to me, please send a few poems in the body of your email to All attachments will be deleted. Please also put something in your subject line that lets me know that it's a submission. Poems only please.

Hmm... I already feel kind of editor-like.



Blogger Didi Menendez said...

Robert - excuse me for a moment but I am on a crusade -- I feel you should be a little more explicit in your submission guidelines. For example, you do not specify if you only consider new work and if simultaneous submissions are accepted. What is your stand on poems previously published in another blog or community forum? You should possibly offer a link to the right column with this information instead of just send submissions to -and possibly also offer your masthead information on the right even if it is a one-editor show. After you have done all of this, I would recommend you seek an ISSN.

Thank you,
Didi Menendez

8:09 AM  
Blogger Faulty Mindbomb said...

Thanks, Didi.

I'm pretty laid back about all that stuff, but I guess it wouldn't hurt for me to specify, eh? :)

Btw, what does ISSN stand for? Is that an Internet specific term? (I'm sure I can just google it. Now, I'm just typing out loud to myself, aren't I?)

Again, thanks.


9:23 AM  

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